About Us

Lori Wyzard

Lori has been the CEO since 1991. She is the perfect example of how to lead like a woman in a man’s world. She believes in a family style business while maintaining professional courtesies with clients. . She has 25 years of expertise in the retail flooring industry crossed with a design background. This allows for customers to come to her for any problems or advice they might need. She is always trying to update our products to give customers the best possible selection. Lori enjoys making your new floor something to be proud of. She enjoys traveling, designing, boating, and family.


Meet our project managers!

Braun Wyzard
Operations Manager

Braun is responsible for overseeing the operational side of our business. He runs our receiving of materials and scheduling of jobs. Braun was raised in all aspects of the retail flooring industry. He has been the operations manager for three years. Braun also helps out with the companies marketing strategies. Braun enjoys playing and watching sports, friends, and family.

Stephen Van Zant

Stephen has been working with us for 11 years. His knowledge for products and how the industry works allows him to find the perfect product to fit the customer’s needs. Stephen has extensive experience in not only sales, but in operations as well. This allows him to guide customers through the process of a flooring installation. Stephen loves golf and spending time with his family.

Tim Mckevit

Tim has been working for us for 8 years. Tim prides himself in customer service and living up to customer’s expectations. He is a very detail oriented guy who loves to make the customers experience as stress free as possible. He has a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing with a minor in Business from University of Oregon. Tim enjoys the Oregon ducks and spending time with his family.

Bryan McDade

Bryan is the newest edition to our team. He has been working for us for about one year. He has been working in the construction field the majority of his life. Bryan prides himself in customer service and problem solving. He is also an experienced commercial fisherman. This has taught him a lot about meeting deadlines under pressure. Bryan will always do what he can to make sure the job gets done on time and to your expectations. Bryan has a bachelor’s degree in business from UCSB. Bryan enjoys fishing, home projects, and spending time with his family.


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