Designer Wallpapers

Designer Wallpapers

We love all things design and our wallpaper selection is filled with all the things every serious decorator dreams of! From the ultra-elegant to the most outlandish you can find we have it all. Wallpaper has a wide range of applications from the guest bathroom to the absolutely gorgeous formal Victorian dining room. The reason we love wallpaper is not only its versatility but quick application, and ability to convey any attitude instantly

We love creating beautiful spaces wherever and we are excited to share our inspiration! Check out some of our favorite styles for designer wallpapers below! You can also click here to visit our showroom or get in touch with one of our designers for more information.

Textured Designer Wallpaper

Textured wallpapers give life and dimension to any room in a very mindful and subtle way. These looks can create elaborate styles or even compliment any theme. With the dimension and versatility of textured wallpaper you have the ability to draw the eyes effortlessly to excite a dull or plain room. These products can help small spaces look bigger or even make large spaces more charming.

Striped Wallpapers

If you are designing for someone with a clean and particular sense of style try striped wallpapers. Either laid vertical or horizontal, these designs can satisfy rich and elaborate tastes. Consider this recognizable and classic look to appear as sophisticated, artistic, or dare we say smart as you need. Stripes add a masculine touch that doesn’t go out of bounds, for a more formal look you may want to consider striped designer wallpaper.

Floral Themed Wallpaper

Floral wallpaper adds splashes of color and can give any room a feeling of calm. Many are drawn to floral patterns for their nostalgic flair or familiarity and personal connection with nature. Not only will these colorful and detailed designs create a beautiful aesthetic with intricacy to play off of but they can serve to capture any time period or cultural theme. Do you have a particular flower or color you want to find? Floral wallpaper is a wonderful option to consider if you have a green thumb or not.

Classic looking wallpaper

Wallpaper has been a stylish choice through many different historical periods and artistic movements. The excitement and familiarity wallpaper can bring to a room is due to the wealth of time periods it has been used. Wallpaper is perfect for those looking to give a room an almost instant feeling of comfort while staying elevated. Classic designer wallpaper may make your guests say “I feel like I’ve been here before.” Ready your imagination and be prepared to take a trip down memory lane when you create the room of your dreams with classic wallpaper!

Modern Designer Wallpaper

Did you just get inspiration after visiting your own city’s modern art museum? Do you want a design that makes the world pause and admire your vision? You don’t have to steal from the MOMA of San Francisco to create a sheik look that stuns all audiences with modern wallpaper. Unique designs and artistic styles can help you to separate yourself or even come to the rescue if you are catering to a future oriented aesthetic. Modern wallpaper can fit any space without the need for complication due to its easy installation process.

Metallic and Glossy Wallpaper

Sometimes all that glitters is gold! Metallic wallpaper can help you create a room that really inspires you to shine. Not only can silver or gold be used to quietly compliment a range of tones but you may love how your favorite colors paired with metallics such as copper or bronze create dimension and contrast.

Neutral Colored Wallpaper

White, beige, tan, natural.....are you asleep yet? It takes quite a bit of know how to create a one-of-a-kind space with only neutral tones but what if you have something important to say? Textures, patterns, or prints can help you personalize so consider these before you hit the paint store. Take a look at our neutral-colored wallpaper to inspire excitement and intrigue long after the first glance.

Pastel Colored Wallpaper

Pastels don’t just have to be brought out for spring fashion, in fact hey work quite well with creative, calm, or less serious work spaces. If you aren’t sure what you want but know you want colors that won’t overwhelm try pastel wallpaper. Something like muted canary yellows or soft blue tinted pastels can captivate without saying too much. Your guests will grin ear to ear when they lay their eyes on warm and pleasant pastel-colored wallpapers. The selection of the right pastel may add just the right touch of brightness while keeping your favorite space soothing for guests.

Artistic And Themed Wallpaper

The themes you dream of and stay excited about are easily created with wallpaper. Not only are there a host of options but the right mood you want can instantly be reached with artistic or themed wallpaper. Personalize your space to your hearts content with these wallpapers, the only boundary is your imagination!

Fancy Designer Wallpapers

That’s right, fancy and designer wallpapers are making a comeback these days. It’s no secret that elaborate wallpaper can be a showstopper when added with taste. Sometimes you just need something that can’t be ignored and the big retail stores can’t quite articulate the particular statement you are trying to make. Whatever your inspiration we want to make sure you have a room that is absolutely yours and yours alone. Start with fancy and elegant designer wallpapers if you want a stunning look.

Removable And Easy Stick Wallpaper

Are you the kind of person that decorates often and wants a quicker change of pace? Looking to make that finished room stand out a little more without the week-long hiatus away from your space? We have a great line of temporary wallpapers that serve for easy installation! Easy installations with a wide selection of styles makes Tempaper a great choice. Change is good, and without the hassle and work it is even better!

Patterned wallpaper

The right patterns coordinated by the right approach can make any room as formal or fun as you like. Whether you want a larger-than-life statement or a familiar image with repetition patterns are one of the most popular options you can have. Picking something you can’t stop looking at is what patterned wallpaper is all about. These styles are usually a perfect go to for redesigning office spaces, waiting rooms, bathrooms, or kitchens. Not only will you be announcing your tastes without too much noise but you can elaborate on a theme your room already has with the right pattern!

Design With Us!

If you are looking to find a similar design to something you have seen out and about, our experts are ready to help. Whenever you are ready we can help you coordinate for any project, there is no space too big or too small!

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